Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Comparison - Part 1: The United States

Currently I'm sitting in a townhome that I'm renting with my husband.  We live in a complex with paved streets next to a nice lake with a fountain.  There are cars out front, my Honda being one of them.  Our second car is in the garage in the back.  Most of our neighbors are young couples with lots of pet dogs that they frequently walk around the lake.  I'm on the second floor in one of our three bedrooms at a desk using a laptop.  Tonight for dinner I ate a piece of pizza and multiple various and sundry snack foods (we had people over) including broccoli, Ranch dip, grapes, tortilla chips, Velveeta and Rotel, and chocolate pie.  I used my cell phone to talk with my mom for a while, then I watched TV for a few minutes.  Later tonight I'll go to the bathroom where I'll turn on the sink to wash my face and brush my teeth.  I'll plug my cell phone into the wall and set my alarm.  Then, I'll put one more sweater on the suitcase full of clothes in preparation for tomorrow when I fly to my destination: La Paz, Bolivia.

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  1. Bek this is AWESOME!!! I'm glad you are doing will want to keep all of your "logs" once you get back home. Please be safe today!!! LOVE YOU!